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Without companies like Far West Capital, there’s no way the economy can ever grow.

Philip S. Sassower, Xplore Technologies
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At Far West Capital, our hands-on approach, commercial financial solutions and client services are all tailor-made to meet your company’s specific needs to keep you pointed in the right direction.

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Ace Quach, Imperial Paving

Far West Capital’s fantastic team has truly brought us peace of mind. At the end of the day we sleep better at night because of them.

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Through purchasing or lending on accounts receivable, inventory or purchase orders, our clients receive custom finance and business solutions to specifically meet the personal and professional goals of the entrepreneur.

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Joe Kinsella, Arrow Mirror and Glass

If we didn’t find Far West Capital, my business wouldn’t be here. They were there for us when no one else was.

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"Far West Capital has been there for us without any negative surprises. They did what they said they'd do. We’re proud Far West Capital helped us unleash our potential."

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Daniel Champeau, Granite Trucking

Unlike others in our industry, we are customer-focused and client facing. Far West Capital is similar in this regard – they really work to understand the business and that helps us to grow more quickly. Everything is seamless – from the paperwork to timing to the level of communication and overall customer service. It’s all gone really well.

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